Academic Research

Work at Harvard Biodesign Lab

I am currently researching at the Harvard Biodesign Lab

I designed a soft robotic cardiac simulator to act as a test-bed for testing of cardiac medical devices. The simulator has embedded soft actuators that can replicate the 3d motion (specifically the left ventricular twist) of the heart. I also created a finite element model to guide the design of cardiac medical devices. Both models can be modified to simulate physiological and pathological motion.


The paper on this work is here and the front cover page in Advanced Materials is here

Other projects (with manuscripts in review/in preparation) include an implantable soft robotic device for assisting the heart, and a catheter-based device for tissue defect closure

Masters Thesis
My previous work was at Trinity College Dublin where I worked on a kinematic model of the knee for aiding in the design and testing of a novel implantable device for osteoarthritis Link to thesis

Undergraduate Research
During my undergraduate degree at the Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at National University of Ireland Galway I designed an ex vivo vascular model that was used for evaluation of embolic protection devices at


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